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COURSE STARTS: 8th January 2024
Four of the PGDip modules cover the Online Theory component of the course, which is delivered via our dedicated Canvas Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).  These modules are outlined below:

Module 1:  Patient Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
Week 1:  Assessing the patient
Week 2:  Introduction to CBCT
Week 3:  CBCT interpretation
Week 4:  Prosthodontic and surgical planning
Week 5:  Treatment options and consent 

Module 3:  Implant prosthodontics & occlusion

Week 1:  Prosthodontic and laboratory protocols
Week 2:  Occlusal terminology and function
Week 3:  Occlusal assessment
Week 4:  Planning the prosthodontics
Week 5:  Implications of prosthodontics and occlusion in implant dentistry

Module 4:  Basic sciences related to implant dentistry
Week 1:  Discovery & surgical protocols
Week 2:  Bone biology, physiology and pathology
Week 3:  Implant surfaces and osseointegration
Week 4:  Surgical asepsis and antimicrobial cover
Week 5:  Soft tissue healing and peri-implant pathology

Module 5:  Evidence based dentistry

Week 1:  Introduction to EBD
Week 2:  Methodology and basic statistics
Week 3:  Trials of interventions and diagnostic tests
Week 4:  Qualitative studies
Week 5:  Systematic reviews, meta-analyses and guidelines


The theory program runs from January 2024 to June 2024

Online assessment is by coursework and end of module essays.

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