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The program utilises a blend of online theory and contact practical classes** to provide part-time education and qualification opportunities with reduced disruption to your practice.


TERM 1 (September - December)

​Start date:  23 September 2024

Module 1:  Patient Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment Planning (online delivery). 15 credits

Module 2:  Preclinical Practical Skills Week (5 day contact class in Cambridge)***. 15 credits

Module 3:  Implant Prosthodontics and Occlusion (online delivery). 15 credits

TERM 2 (January - March)

End date:  30 March 2025

Module 4.  Basic Sciences Related to Implant Dentistry  (online delivery).  15 credits

Module 5:  Evidence Based Dentistry (online delivery). 15 credits

Module 6:  Clinical Cases:  various dates on the Provided Patients option*.  15 credits


This 90 credit program entails a total of 900 notional hours of study.


After successful completion the Level 7 Diploma in Implant Dentistry (DipImpDent) is awarded

Download the full Programme Specification

* The Provided Patients option is only available to UK dentists.  International dentists must choose the Treat Own Patients Option.

** The Treat Own Patients option is only available to experienced implant dentists, who have independently treated a minimum of 20 full implant cases and have at least 2 years experience in dental implantology.  This option is available to experienced  implant dentists in the UK and internationally.  On this pathway, case reports must be submitted for 6 implant cases before the last day of the course (30 June 2025).  Delegates on the Treat Own Patients pathway are exempt from the Preclinical Practical Skills Week (Module 2).

***  Delegates on the Treat Own Patients pathway do not attend the Preclinical Practical Skills Week and are exempt from Module 2 assessments.

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