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Level 7 Diploma in Implant Dentistry

The Level 7 Diploma in Implant Dentistry is a part time program, accredited by the regulated UK awarding body, EduQual.  The qualification is aligned with the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), allowing use of the postnominals DipImpDent.

This course offers two pathways:

- Beginners Pathway (Provided Patients)

- Experienced Practitioners Pathway (Treat Own Patients)

This programme utilises a blend of online theory and contact practical classes*** to provide part-time education and qualification opportunities with reduced disruption to your practice.  For the Clinical Cases module, delegates on the Beginners Pathway will attend a 5-day Clinical Training Program with provided patients*.  If you are already an experienced implant dentist you may opt for the Experienced Practitioner (Treat Own Patients) Pathway for the Clinical Cases module, whereby you will submit 6 Case Reports**.

TERM 1 (September - December)

​Start date:  23rd September 2024

Module 1:  Patient Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment Planning (online delivery). 15 credits

Module 2:  Preclinical Practical Skills Week (5 day contact class in Cambridge)***. 15 credits

Module 3:  Implant Prosthodontics and Occlusion (online delivery). 15 credits

TERM 2 (January - March)

Module 4.  Basic Sciences Related to Implant Dentistry  (online delivery).  15 credits

Module 5:  Evidence Based Dentistry (online delivery). 15 credits

Module 6:  Clinical Cases:  various dates available*.  15 credits


This 90 credit program requires a total of 900 notional hours of study.

After successful completion the accredited Level 7 Diploma in Implant Dentistry is awarded

* The Provided Patients option is only available to UK dentists.  International dentists must choose the Experienced Practitioner (Treat Own Patients) Pathway.

** Experienced Practitioner (The Treat Own Patients) Pathway is only open to experienced implant dentists, who have independently treated a minimum of 20 full implant cases and have at least 2 years experience in dental implantology.  This option is available to experienced  implant dentists in the UK and internationally.  On this pathway, case reports must be submitted for 6 implant cases before the last day of the course (30 June 2025).  Delegates on the Experienced Practitioner (Treat Own Patients) Pathway are exempt from the Preclinical Practical Skills Week (Module 2).

***  Delegates on the Experienced Practitioner (Treat Own Patients) Pathway do not attend the Preclinical Practical Skills Week and are exempt from the Module 2 OSCE assessments.

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